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Las Vegas Mass Shooting FALSE FLAG Operation: THIS Nails It! Witness Kymberley Suchomel MURDERED For Witnessing Multiple Shooters At Event!

I was actually wanting to take a day away from blogging to catch up on some personal business...But after reading the following report via my Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone, I knew that the moment I got a chance after arriving home, I would post this vital and essential report that basically BLOWS away the "official report" that the liars in the Jew spew media and the US Government have concocted in regards to the Las Vegas false flag event!

I want to thank Greencrow, over at "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" at for putting out the following bombshell report through her weekly "Caw Rant" today.... I read the report and it absolutely blows away the "official" report on the Las Vegas mass shooting event, and shows how truly dastardly the criminals involved are in that they will indeed KILL any eyewitnesses to this event to prevent the general public from seeing the truth!

And with that, I want all of my own reader to read the following EYEWITNESS report that comes through Greencrow's website, and originally was published by the Global Research group out of Canada at is that report, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Kymberley Suchomel

"A woman by the name Kymberley Suchomel, 28, who attended the Oct. 1 Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, passed away Monday at her Apple Valley home just days after she had survived the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history unscathed, reports say.
Suchomel, who posted her eyewitness account of the Las Vegas massacre in astonishingly vivid detail to her Facebook page on Oct. 4, subsequently passed away in her home on Oct. 9 from what reports are claiming were ‘natural causes.’
Shockingly just days before her death, Suchomel posted key details about the shooting to Facebook contradicting the official narrative that Stephen Paddock is a lone gunman.
“From about 50 feet in front of us, and a little to the right, fire crackers were set off. Let me repeat that… FIRE CRACKERS WERE SET OFF. I verbally stated “some asshole just shot of fire crackers in close proximity to so many people”. I was literally pissed off. You could seeJason Aldean look to his left kind of startled by it, but he was also clearly irritated. I would say about 15 seconds later, the first volley of gunfire was released,” the eyewitness wrote.
She went on…
It was a shorter volley than any of the others, and the gunfire was not as close together either. EVERYONE looked up, down, around. We thought it was more fire crackers at first, but then Ricky reached over, told us all to put our boots on, quickly. And the volley ended. Then people started to panic. The gentlemen behind me looked at me as I was putting on my boots, half laying down, and said “calm down crazy, its just fireworks, jeez”. That is when the 2nd volley went off, Ricky yelled at us all to get down, flat, & we immediately knew there was someone shooting at us. I remember getting down, but I didn’t lay flat for some reason, thinking- oh my gosh, I need to get flatter than I am now, but my body just wouldn’t let me. That was the 2nd volley. At the end of that volley ( I am still struggling to get my boots on), we turned and tried to run, but the people behind us still weren’t moving. I yelled at the lady “RUN! ITS GUNFIRE! RUUUUUUUUUNNNNN!!!”
Third volley of gunfire hits astroturf
According to Suchomel, the shooting was ‘close’ and felt like a ‘literal hell.’
“[When] the 3rd volley hit… and it was close. Very, very close to us. I could physically see the impact of the bullets on the astro-turf, I could feel the warmth & the passing of bullets. Once that 3rd volley was over, Casie linked her arm into mine, and we decided at that moment we weren’t stopping- we were getting the Hell out of there. And I do mean Hell. We were in literal Hell. The gentlemen that mocked me stating it was just fireworks fell to the ground, and he never got back up. The lady behind me (who was now in front of me) who was terrified as I told her to run, never got back up. I actually had to physically step over her body to run (something I am still struggling with, so please don’t attack me. I was absolutely in flight-or-fight mode). There was another person to my right who also wasn’t moving. We ran. I don’t know what direction we ran, I don’t know towards which landmark we ran. We just ran. It was at this time our group got split up. Casie & I were together. Ricky, Cassie & Mendy were together.”
Soon after, according to her account, she started to panic when she had realized with ‘one-hundred percent’ certainty that there was indeed more than one shooter and that multiple gunmen were, in fact, in the crowd!
“We were rounding some sort of corner maybe- and I looked to the right and I saw this large cowboy sitting down with his legs spread, holding a blood-soaked woman. I thought to myself “we NEED to hide”, but as I looked quickly for somewhere to go, the gunfire once again got closer and closer. We couldn’t hide because they (and I do mean THEY) were chasing us. That exact moment is when I started to really panic. That is the exact moment in which I thought this was it, I was going to die, I was never going to see my family again. So, as we are running, we approach this fence where men are throwing women over, and we ran up to it as they had knocked It down, so we were able to get out. As we crossed the threshold of the venue, my mind went straight to other mass shootings and hearing the victim’s families in my head talk about how they never got to say goodbye. I did not want this for my husband (who was at work) & my grandma (who had my daughter, Scarlett). So, at10:07 pm I called my husband [frantically] leaving him a voicemail- telling him that I loved him and was in the middle of a shooting & I wasn’t sure if I would make it out alive,” she explained.
“Next, while still running, I called my grandma to tell her the exact same thing. But the gunfire wasn’t stopping this whole time. It wasn’t ceasing. It wasn’t slowing down. And It was directly behind us, following us. Bullets were coming from every direction. Behind us, in front of us, to the side of us. But I know, I just know, that there was someone chasing us. The entire time I felt this way,” she explained “The farther we got from the venue, the closer the gunfire got. I kept looking back expecting to see the gunmen- and Isay MEN because there was more than one person. There was more than one gun firing. 100% more than one.”
“As we were running, we kept changing direction, because it felt like no matter what direction we took, we were being followed. So we ended up running in a weird triangular path. The first place I remember getting to was a parking lot, and I told Casie (who was slightly in front of me) we needed to get under one of the trucks. She turned to me and started her way back to me, and that is when the gunfire got even CLOSER than ever before. It was RIGHT THERE. It was within the parking lot,” the eyewitness explained. “Everyone around us was panicking once again. So we ditched the idea of getting underneath a vehicle, and we continued the run for our lives. If you know me, you know I am a big girl, who is out of shape, and who definitely does not run for any reason. But I can tell you I ran like I have never run before.”

She continued on with her post, writing:
The 2nd place I remember going by was Hooters- which is where we met back up with the rest of our small group. We ran towards the entrance thinking we could take cover there, but as we got closer, a stampede of people ran out, terrified. We could only conclude that there was another gunman inside of that hotel. This made us even more scared- we had nowhere to go- no one to trust. At some point, we ended up at the airport & even entered the building for safety. Everyone as we entered were screaming at the staff “IS IT SAFE IN HERE?” but we weren’t getting anyone to answer us, so after running about 30 feet into the building, not getting the answers we so desperately needed, we decided it, too, wasn’t a safe spot, so we got out of there quickly and continued running.
After all this running, we were tired, sore & having to stop to cough, gag and even vomit. We ran across an intersection & us & another group of people pleaded with a limo driver to let us in and get us out of there. He was clearly confused & didn’t understand what was going on, so he didn’t let us in. Next, we ran to a taxi van & she was willing to let us in, but she told us her van only held 4 people & she wasn’t going to let the 5 of us in, so we said screw it and continued running. At one point, we ran passed a small liquor store where they so graciously gave us water bottles. We passed UNLV as well.

‘Smaller Hispanic woman’ taunts victims minutes after shooting

Additionally, the eyewitness reported that she was running with her group alongside “Tropicana Avenue”  when a ‘dark-colored SUV’ slowed and a ‘smaller Hispanic woman’ emerged from the window to “taunt” her group.
“[She] leans out the window, and she yells something we couldn’t understand in a clearly taunting manner. It really freaked us out, because again, we didn’t know who we could and could not trust,” the eyewitness explained.
Could this ‘smaller Hispanic woman’ have been the same ‘short Hispanic lady’ reported by another eyewitness to have threatened concertgoers 30-45 minutes before the shooting started?
Eight days later Suchomel was found dead in bed by her grandmother who arrived at Schomer’s residence at 8:30 a.m.

According to an Oct. 9 report confirming Suchomel’s death, Suchomel “was taking medication for a pituitary tumor and feared to fall asleep at night after being heavily traumatized by the Oct. 1 massacre.

Update: After the time of this article’s publishing Suchomel’s post is “no longer available.”
Please share this article with everyone you know."


NTS Notes:  After reading this report from eyewitness Kymberley Suchomel, all I can say is 'WOW'!

I also do feel for Kymberley's family, for the criminals involved have indeed brutally murdered this eyewitness to prevent her story from getting the public's attention that it deserves.... It also begs the question about what has happened to the other "eyewitnesses" to this false flag event?  I can guarantee that the majority of them have also been "silenced" to prevent the truth from getting out!

I highly recommend that EVERYONE who reads this report to take it and mirror it over at their sites, or copy it and send it out to ALL OF THEIR FRIENDS and RELATIVES immediately... The truth is that we can actually make a difference here by making sure that this evidence does not "die" or is removed from the Internet!   It is now up to readers to do YOUR part!

I stated over the last few articles that unless people in America start to take action to make sure the truth is told to everyone about what really happened in Vegas, that the criminals will not only have won but be on their way to turning that entire nation into a brutal police state.... I have been so saddened by the inaction of the American public to stop that from happening...

Las Vegas false flag operation has now fallen to pieces...BUT with the sad inaction of the American people to stop the insanity and put an end to the criminality of their own government, I again must repeat what I said before:  "America must die"!

More to come


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Las Vegas Mass Shooting FALSE FLAG Operation: Six Important Questions About The Vegas Massacre That Will Make You Wonder What They Are Hiding!

Well, it has now been over two full weeks since the Las Vegas mass shooting operation, and finally last week the LIARS in the US Government came forward and said that what their "final" analysis of what they claimed happened in Las Vegas will be the "Official Record" of the event... What it also means is that they are standing firm that the entire mass "shooting" was done by ONE "lone gunman" this Stephen Paddock character that more and more has been shown to be nothing more than the "patsy" to take the fall while the real hit squads involved in this mass shooting will get off "scott free"...  I continue to find it so deplorable that the American people are now too BRAIN DEAD to actually do anything to stop the insanity of their own government that was indeed involved in that event!   America indeed has become a cess pool of evil and as John Kaminski said in his last article that I have posted just the other day, the nation must die!

OK, I have already covered so many of the real facts behind the Las Vegas mass shooting that absolutely shows that it was a false flag event... But there are so many questions that everyone should be still asking to this day about the what, the why, and the how of this attack.... And to bring forward a great list of questions for everyone to ask, especially my readers, friends, and colleagues living in what used to be a "free" United States, I want to present the following report from the Organic Prepper website, at entitled: "6 Questions About The Vegas Massacre" that is must read by everyone.... I have that article right here for everyone to view for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

6 Questions About the Vegas Massacre That Will Make You Wonder What They’re Hiding

Survival Saturday is a round-up of the week’s news and resources for folks who are interested in being prepared.

This Week in the News

You know, I tried to keep from going full-on tinfoil with the Las Vegas massacre, but they’re making that completely impossible.
Sure, there were questions from the very beginning. A lot of things didn’t quite add up, but there is an investigatory process in such events. But… how is it that every single thing has been upended? This story is unraveling like a frayed sweater in a basket with a litter of kittens.
Here are the 6 questions about the Vegas Massacre that make me wonder what on earth they’re trying to hide from us.

1.) Why do witnesses keep disappearing?

It is a proven fact that many people who go through something as horrific as this attack don’t remember things clearly. People with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder often experience deficits in accuracy and this event was nothing if not traumatic. Lots of people reported having no idea what was going on. They thought the noise was firecrackers at first. Confusion and fear colored their memories and their only focus was on surviving. We’ve all heard someone describe an event, saying, “It was all a blur.”
But there were a few witnesses who had a very clear recall of the event and they are telling very different stories. Stories of multiple shooters. Stories of shooters right in the crowd. Stories of early police reports that could have prevented the entire tragedy.
Jesus Campo was the security guard who was shot in the leg when he approached Paddock’s room. (One reporter found that Campo either was not in the employee database or had been removed.) He had scheduled interviews with the media and then didn’t show upOne reporter said there was a gag order on Campo and his family but this has not been verified. No one seems to know the whereabouts of Campo.
Another eyewitness was 28-year old Kymberley Suchomel, who had attended the music festival. She told a very detailed story of multiple shooters, actual fireworks as a distraction. She escaped unharmed only to die unexpectedly in her home a week later “of natural causes.”

These people aren’t alone in their stories that don’t match the official narrative. Read this article and watch this video for more eyewitness stories. And guys…be careful.

2.) Why does the timeline keep changing so dramatically?

Obviously, investigations are fluid and we learn things as we go on. But there have been some really dramatic changes to the timeline and a lot of apparent CYA (Cover Your A$$) at work.
The first change was the inclusion of the shooting of unarmed security guard Jesus Campo, mentioned above. This dramatically changed the timeline of when officials were notified about a shooter on the 32 floor.
A veteran from two floors below Paddock’s room tried to notify the front desk and 911 regarding the origin of the shootings and recalls no one answering. He said :
“It seems like it just never stops,” he recalled. “Seconds are going by, minutes are going by, and the rounds are continuously going.”
“Changing weapons, changing calibers,” Bethel continued. “You can hear the difference in the gunshots of the different rifles that he is shooting.” (source)
There were also changes to the story about when Paddock checked into his suite at Mandalay Bay.
If you watch this video, a maintenance man at Mandalay Bay said that he called for help – stating that he and Jesus Campo called in being under fire more than 10 minutes before the shooter began unloading his weapon on concert-goers. It wasn’t until a recording was unearthed of Stephen Schuck calling for help with gunshots in the background that the official timeline was changed…again.

3.) Why don’t the recordings match the official story?

The audio recordings from the shooting are graphic… and many of them don’t match the official story.
This is a condensed version of the audio.

Notice how they mention multiple shooters and multiple locations. How much of that is battle fog and how much is real?

4.) Why were the laptops and phones of witnesses wiped before they were returned?

If you only learn one lesson, learn this one. If you ever witness an event like this, upload your video and photos immediately. If your story differs from the one that authorities are telling, your proof will be gone once they get their hands on your devices.
Workers at the Route 91 festival during which Stephen Paddock unleashed his massacre have reportedly been given back their phones and laptops by the FBI only to discover that all messages and videos from the night of the attack have been wiped clean.
According to a Las Vegas resident who posted a status update on Facebook, “A bunch of people that worked the Route 91 said they got their cell phones back today. They all said that all their phones are completely wiped clean! All messages and info from that weekend are completely gone. Anyone else experience this?”
“A few different people who were vendors there are all saying the same thing,” the woman later comments. (source)
What did these people record that is counter to the official narrative? Do they even know they caught something that they shouldn’t have?

5.) What about these excellent questions that aren’t being answered?

Alternative media is asking the questions that the mainstream is not. From Ann Coulter:
Why would Paddock unload 200 rounds into the hallway at a security guard who was checking on someone else’s room before beginning his massacre?
How can it possibly take eight days to figure out when the alleged shooter checked into the hotel?
Why was Paddock wearing gloves if he was about to commit suicide?
Have any other solitary mass shooters ever had girlfriends?
If Paddock wasn’t making money on video poker — and he wasn’t — why would he be cycling millions of dollars through a casino, turning every dollar into, at best, 99 cents?
As well, check out Brandon Smith’s brilliant tactical analysis, which has many other unanswered questions like:
Paddock called hotel security at least twice to complain about “loud music” on the floor below him the day of the shooting.  Why would a mass shooter care, or take the risk of drawing too much attention to himself?
Why, after so much careful planning, did Paddock expose his position by smashing two separate windows in his adjacent hotel rooms? There are other ways of providing a shooter’s loophole with less exposure?
Who set off this alarm which conveniently helped to give away Paddock’s position early, and why?
Why did Paddock prepare for an escape, use his cameras to allow him to fire at hotel security through his door, equip rounds capable of annihilating any SWAT team that stacked up to breach his room, but decided to shoot himself instead before SWAT ever entered?…No one noticed the man placing cameras about the area?
A witness on site at the concert stated that a woman (and her apparent boyfriend) approached people near the stage 45 minutes before the attack, telling them that “they were all going to die.” She was later escorted out of the venue by security. Who was this woman? Was she trying to menace the concertgoers or warn them? Or, was it all coincidence?
Despite the fact that these questions get right to the heart of method and motive, no one else seems to be asking them.

6.) WHY?

Most of all, WHY? Why the heck did this rich gambler who had no history of hurting anyone or being a hardcore gun guy unload thousands of rounds on 22,000 innocent people?
There is little in his history that would make us think, “Yeah, that guy is gonna go postal one day.”
Everyone who knew him was stunned. Baffled. Gobsmacked. Everyone from his weird brother to his foreign girlfriend to neighbors and fellow travelers were absolutely astounded he had committed this horrific massacre.
Then some stuff arose that has been pooh-poohed by investigators as unrelated.
  • Paddock doesn’t fit the psychological profile of a mass shooter. He had a girlfriend, was wealthy, had no known tactical background, and was described as “kind and caring.”
  • He made numerous trips to the Middle East and Europe.
  • No one really knows how he got so rich. GamblingReal estate? Or something more insidious? Unproven rumors suggest he could have been an arms dealer or a child trafficker.
  • The Islamic State has repeatedly claimed he converted in the past 6 months and did this in the name of ISIS, but the media says this is not true. No one in the investigation even seems to be considering the possibility. As well, a former Trump campaign official said that Paddock made an ISIS video, but nothing else has been heard about this.
Couldn’t you wrap your head around this better if you knew why?

It just doesn’t add up.

I’m not saying that our own government committed this atrocity or that Stephen Paddock was a converted Muslim or that he didn’t actually carry out this shooting.
I have no idea what to say, honestly. I mean, the FBI and the Vegas PD assure us there is “no conspiracy” and “nobody is attempting to hide anything.”
There are way too many things that don’t add up, but what I can say is that we aren’t getting the whole story. And that in itself makes me suspicious. What are they hiding? Was the motive something that would change our perspective on everything we believe?
It’s got to be big to go to this much effort.

NTS Notes:  I want to thank the Organic Prepper of course for bringing this great list of questions forward that everyone should be asking in regards to the Las Vegas event....

Many of these questions do concern the bullshit impossible stories being pushed even to this day about the "shooter" Stephen Paddock... But I will say without a shadow of any doubt that this man did NOT conduct this "shooting" at all, but was indeed set up to take the fall..... And I do still have my reservations as to whether or not he actually "died" when the Police and FBI came barrelling into his 32nd floor suite at Mandalay Bay.... The picture of the body that they claim was Stephen Paddock is all wrong especially the missing "13" tattoo that was supposed to be on his neck... That and the way that the suite was pictured was also wrong due to the lack of brass gun shell casings from the supposed shots that Stephen "fired" from those two windows in SEPARATE suites....

I do sometimes feel that I am slamming my head against the wall when I present this information here at this blog... Few Americans are willing to do anything against the criminality of their own government and the compliant media liars in this event... It does appear that most are just too stupid now and nothing more than mutton heads that have no want to raise a stink against the criminals that have now basically gotten away with murder.... How many more of these false flags will it take before any American shows the will to finally say "THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT" and actually act in defiance of their own criminal government?.... Maybe that time for revolt is long gone, and if so, then as John Kaminski has said, America must die....

More to come


Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 15th, 2017

Well after a busy week it is now Sunday, and as usual time for my weekly rant..

First, it has now turned freaking cold here in central Canada, and we had our first major snowfall in these parts last night and this morning... And once again this all flies in the faces of the scumbags behind the entire 'Global Warming' aka "Climate Change" fraud and their insane claims that this year is the "warmest year on record"... Honestly, all I can say now is that anyone that still believes in their bullshit should have their heads examined....  But of course here comes Justin "Trust In Jew Dough" Trudeau and his insane push for fleecing the Canadian people once again with his bullshit "carbon tax" as well.....

Speaking of Justin "Trust In Jew Dough" Trudeau... That little prick has made himself scarce when it comes to any important issues that Canada is facing today... For example, in regards to the failing Canadian economy he has become a ghost, while the other spokespersons in his regime are trying to sell the notion to the Canadian people that there is "no problem at all".... BUT it must be noted that good ol' Justin did indeed show who is the boss when he was there for the dedication of that phoney Jewish bullshit Holocaust "memorial" ceremony last week and bowed to his Jewish overlords when it came to having the official plaque removed from that POS lie because it did not specifically say the "Jews" as the victims..... Yes, Justin does not want to listen to the Canadian general public, but he will bow down to his Jewish masters in a heartbeat...

Justin Trudeau is bad enough, but now we see clearly who is the real boss in America, especially with the Jew dick sucking lackey in the White House, Donald Drumpf, bow down to HIS Jewish masters' demands and have the Iranian nuclear P5+1 deal "de-certified".... The terminology of this "decertification" is bullshit, for all it means is that the US will no longer "abide" by the terms of that bullshit 'agreement' because the liars in the US Government are claiming that "Iran has never kept their word"...... But the facts are otherwise, for it has been the US of course that has NEVER kept their end of the 'agreement' through their own refusal to end the sanctions against Iran as part of the deal.... The entire "Iranian nuclear deal" was therefore always a fiasco, where the Iranians were forced to open up all of their peaceful nuclear power and nuclear medicine facilities to IAEA inspections as well as American scrutiny....

And of course the facts always came back crystal clear that Iran was NOT and has never ever wanted to build nuclear weapons... Yes, the US intelligence communities has known for decades that Iran is many years away from building nukes and I can guarantee the US government knows this as well... But we all know by now that the US government does not listen to their own intelligence reports, nor to the American people, but in fact bows down to their Jewish masters and of course the criminally psychotic state of Israel... It is and always has been the Israelis that want Iran attacked and destroyed by their minions in the US, and with the collapse of the entire "Iranian nuclear deal" the clock is now ticking for that attack to take place....

So what will happen now in regards to the peaceful nation of Iran?  Well, I can guarantee we will see the liars in the Jew spew media now go off on rants and tirades about the "evil" Iranians and how that nation is a 'threat' to the US.  Of course the reality is that Iran is the threat to the psychotic state of Israel that wants that peaceful nation wiped out and removed as the last stumbling block to their sick dream of having total hegemony over the entire Middle East.. These psychos also want to have Iran removed as being the biggest threat to their sick dream of a "Greater Israel" that would span from the Nile to the Euphrates Rivers!  And therefore we will see a new "rebranding" of the old and tiresome lies about Iranian nonexistent "nuclear weapons" and how those imaginary weapons are a "threat" to everyone.... The brainwashing of the American people will begin shortly and I do wonder, considering that it has been a while since these liars last attempted this propaganda, how much the American citizens will swallow this bullshit without any thought or skepticism?

And while the ramping up of the push for war on Iran is about to begin once again, we have the major  debacle in Las Vegas still on everyones' minds, especially when it is a proven fact that the Jew spew media and the US government itself has been lying all along about this "lone gunman" scenario, and the fact that the attack was indeed carried out by a multitude of hit squads..... It is so alarming to me about how badly the American people are so clueless and braindead that they will indeed let their own criminal government get away with this act of cold blooded murder and are now seemingly too paralyzed by the constant lies to do anything to stop these criminals!   There were 58 people supposedly murdered while some 500 were wounded at that event, and yet nobody is out there rioting on the streets in America and demanding justice???  What the hell has happened to the America that I used to know?

I have already covered the Las Vegas shooting enough to show that it was indeed a false flag event...  We know that this one had to have people killed, for the criminals behind the entire event know as well that they periodically do need to have victims to sell to the American people and to try to make their events more authentic.... And one astute reader emailed me the other day wanting to know what the liars in the "truth movement", especially the Midget man from Idaho and his "TUTankhamen" website, have to say about this Las Vegas false flag event... Well, just the other day I decided to take a gander at the "TUT" garbage website and I read what the shrimp from Idaho actually said about what happened in Las Vegas.. And it was interesting for he is indeed stuck simply because he cannot come out and call Las Vegas a "false flag", for that exposure would call into question his other lies especially concerning the Sandy Hook false flag event as well... People should remember that this clown did indeed call Sandy Hook a "real event" and actually had the nerve to attack others, including myself, calling us all "liars in deceivers"!  The facts are that he is now trapped in his own deceit and web of lies and has nowhere to go in regards to these false flags and has exposed himself once again as a purveyor of falsehoods and deception...  All this does is show everyone exactly who the liars and deceivers are in this "truth movement" and should send a clear signal to everyone to stay the hell clear of idiots and deceivers, especially the liar behind "TUT".....

I need not go into great detail about what has been happening in Syria since the last time I put up a report at this blog.  Needless to say, but the Syrian people are winning their nation back and the American/Israel/NATO criminal cabal is now facing full defeat.... The US is of course 'sore losers' and are still trying to find something to try to change the outcome in Syria.  The US government is still sending massive amounts of weapons and logistics to their hired mercenaries and operatives in "ISIS" and have been busy shuttling this phoney "terrorist" group out of Iraq to try to stem the SAA/Russian/Arabic advances, but these efforts are in a losing cause.... Basically, unless the US can somehow find a new 'excuse' for direct intervention in Syria, they have lost their attempts at having Syria destroyed to satisfy their masters' lust for blood in Israel.....

Has anyone else noticed how quickly the "North Korean threat" has almost disappeared and is now morphing into the new and seemingly "more dangerous threat" from Iran?   I said in my last rant that North Korea was never the problem, but the US is!   North Korea is a threat to no one, and as I said before the best policy in regards to that isolated nation and Kim Jong-un is and always has been the status quo of leaving them the hell alone!  It seems the only winners from the North Korean debacle have been the US weapons manufacturers who have made billions through sales of more American weapons to nations such as South Korea, and Japan, to "counter" this non-existent North Korean "threat"!

OK, someone asked me about the sudden 'wildfires' happening in northern California, especially in and around the wine growing regions of the Napa valley.... I have been reading a lot of different perspectives, and especially the information that Jim Stone brought forward on these sudden and mysterious fires that started almost out of the blue, and I have been intrigued..... I am leaning on these fires being caused "artificially" due to the fact that some 60+ fires suddenly started out of thin air.... It does lead to the incredible idea that these fires were caused by a form of Electromagnetic (EM) radiation 'pulse' due to the fact that not only were the fires started, but electronic devices in the immediate area were damaged as well......This then begs the question:  Has someone just tested a large scale Electromagnetic weapon?  And for what purpose?   And WHY was this particular region of California targeted?.... I for one know that devices such as HAARP are real and can indeed heat up this planet's ionosphere and thus modify weather patterns....But now we have a possible EM device that can ignite blazes instantly out of nowhere?  Being a man of Science and Physics, I am intrigued and will continue to investigate this further.... I am still looking for a motive and a reason for someone to use such a device to start these blazes out in wine country in northern California!

I put out a mini rant a few days ago to give my two cents worth about that Jewish prick, Harvey Weinstein, and the other Jewish scumbags that control "Hollywood" or what I properly call "Jew-lywood" and I stand behind my statements... Hollywood is nothing but pure filth and perversion, and their "movies" are so terrible now, that the time has come for the entire apparatus to be destroyed... It is actually good to see most of these "stars" come forward to expose these Jewish psychos and their sick sexual perversions, and I do hope that the majority of them are put out of business while the worse offenders get cold jail cells for their crimes... But the real injustice will be seeing most of these scumbags suddenly fly the coup to Israel to avoid seeing a day in court for their crimes....

Someone again asked me why I use the name "Drumpf" for the last name of the US President instead of "Trump"....  I will again state it clearly here that "Drumpf" is of course the REAL original name of the "Trump" family, and that Donald's own grandfather changed the family name from "Drumpf" to "Trump' sometime in the 1910's - 1920's due to the "anti-German sentiment" that was gripping the American nation at the time and therefore to hide his German last name... AND honestly, it is my way of poking at that criminal for his lies about how he was supposed to "Make America Great Again" but instead has become a worse war hawk than that Barry Soetoro clown before him... .And of course it shows my own disdain for this man due to his being just another Jewish dick sucker like his predecessors......Therefore the proper German last name of "Drumpf" stays in my articles....

Well, I guess that is enough for the moment, at least for what I consider as the main subjects of this week's "rant".... There is of course so much more that I have left that I could cover in some detail, and I will touch on those right here in my usual "last minute tidbits"...... I see the Catalonian situation is not going to be resolved peacefully.  The Spanish government will of course attempt to crack down on the Catalonian leadership and possibly have most of them "arrested" (murdered) while suppressing the rights of the Catalonian people for "self determination".   I still say the best way would be to allow the Catalonians to leave while making trade deals to preserve the economies of BOTH nations. The alternative will be a bloody civil war where nobody wins..........I see that the US has quit UNESCO as demanded by their Jewish masters.  I do wonder if the Jew dick suckers up here in Canada over in Ottawa will follow suit shortly............Big outcry in the US Pentagon last week due to the criminal Saudis now making a deal with the Russians to purchase the S-400 air defence system.  But the US has itself to blame for this deal, due to the fact that the US does not have anything close to the S400 capabilities and obviously nations want to purchase defence systems that actually work!...... And of course we have the psychos in Israel now wanting their US puppets to buy their "Arrow/Iron Dome" air missile defence systems that also do NOT work!   The sad part here is that the American taxpayers footed the bill for this "Arrow/Iron Dome" fiasco in the first place!...........Local government here in Canada has had to admit last week that almost ZERO of the illegal migrant workers that flooded into this province since last year have found work while most are in fact collecting welfare instead.  No surprise here, for I am standing my ground in saying that they should all be shipped back to the hell holes they originally came from rather than be a further burden on our social welfare systems..... Cholera outbreak in Yemen has been getting worse by the day, with thousands now dead while millions of others will be affected shortly.  And yet we still have the US working closely with the criminal Saudis to cause the impending genocide of millions of civilians there?   Where the hell is the Jew spew media in all this to actually tell the people the reality of what is really happening in Yemen?......... Again, Flu Season is in full swing here in central Canada, with more victims, err, suckers lining up like dumb ass sheep to have poisonous vaccines injected into their bodies.   Worse, for I have heard some rumours that the Canadian government may consider going the way of the criminal government in Australia in forcing parents to have their children "mandatorily" vaccinated!  Yes the criminals are failing with their false flags, and their attempts at a one world government, but they will still try to subdue the Gentiles through forced "vaccinations" if all else fails.......I watched the English Premiere League game yesterday between Watford and Arsenal, and of course I was troubled by what I saw with the Gunners falling by the score of 2-1.   The team looked listless and appeared inept on offence.   Like I said before, the idea of winning the Table is a fantasy with this squad, and the best that they should hope for is a Champions League berth instead..........Yes, Hockey has indeed started a new season here in Canada, but again Soccer is still my first love.  At least at the moment both Soccer and Hockey are more stable than that mess called the NFL in the US.....   Someone asked me what I thought about owners of NFL teams now forcing players to stand for the national anthem and all I can say is it's about time.  If the players don't like it, like I said before they can always find work flipping burgers instead!........ And finally, I am still searching for a new way to end these rants, for I am sick and tired of the Kardashians.   I will leave it up to readers for ideas for who they want to be my new target(s) and anyone can give me those suggestions via the comment section.  I for one am tired of having my own brain melted by the Kardashian nonsense and it is time to move on from those skanks.....

More to come


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Excellent New Article From John Kaminski: False Flag Nation - Any Country That Lies To Its Own Citizens Deserves To Die

I have been a very troubled truth seeker over these last few days... More and more we are witnessing the entire Las Vegas "mass shooting" false flag event finally fall to pieces, and yet the American people are doing absolutely NOTHING to go after their own government and the liars in the Jew spew media for the falsehoods concerning that event... It is a travesty when we consider that some 58 people have died due to the usage of hit squads to mow down innocent concert patrons, and we see no justice forthcoming for these victims..... I find it truly remarkable that what I once considered to be the 'greatest nation' on planet Earth fall into such horrid evil with its own people seemingly paralyzed to stop it!

Well, once again I want to turn to one of the best writers that I know, John Kaminski, for coming up with a new article that absolutely tells it like it is.... His latest work comes from his website, at, and is entitled: "False Flag Nation" with the subtitled of "Any Country That Lies To Its Own Citizens Deserves To Die", and I am proudly presenting it right here for all of my own readers to view for themselves... I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Published: Saturday, 14 October 2017 15:50
 What they tell you is not what happened

We are so screwed. We can’t get legitimate answers from either the mainstream media or our government, which more and more seem to act as one. The country is drenched in wetiko1, an American Indian term meaning fear and uncertainty. When there is total collusion between the government and the media, there is no freedom, no path toward rectifying injustice. 
Two major attacks on the American people in recent days demonstrate how defenseless we are against the depredations of the Deep State, which has scourged the world for more than a century but now has turned its evil eye on the very people it is supposed to protect, proving the U.S. is run by a foreign power.

The Las Vegas mass shooting was a combination of dead bodies and crisis actors all the for purpose of the grand plan of 9/11 villain Michael Chertoff and Jew billionaire Sheldon Adelson to install X-ray and backscatter machines in all public buildings in the United States, a maneuver potentially worth billions. <>
The Sandy Hook-like embargo on all versions of the event except the official one has been totally shattered by an avalanche of unbiased witnesses. Mainstream media cling to the script of a single shooter, yet the Internet is flooded with cell phone recordings of multiple shooters.
The facts of the production, topped by the FBI having occupied a whole floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel for more than a week before the event, are now plentiful.
By now the supposed Las Vegas terror attack has been demolished as a fraudulent propaganda for perverse purposes on the level of 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombing and so many other suspicious, Deep State produced exercises in mayhem aimed at generating terror in the minds of observers.
But things are worse than that in Northern California. Sixty separate explosive firestorms appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the night. <> “Blue sparks came out of the sky!”
The bizarre fires that have taken a tremendous toll of life and property in Sonoma and Napa Counties all started simultaneously in the middle of a cloudless night — definitely an unnatural event. 
Combined with the suspicious signatures of recent hurricanes that decimated Houston and scared the hell out of Florida, it would appear weather manipulation is being used to cause damage for the purpose of, like the Las Vegas shootings, the demoralization and destruction of the American people.
The fact gap
The avalanche of stories professing to know “what really happened” in this recent mass shooting episode at a Nevada casino, contrasted with the utter absence of conclusive facts in most of these reports, starkly reveals the vast, almost unfathomable distance between spin and substance in the stories we read in the news media today.
Most people get lost in this swirl of spin. It is designed that way.
This latest puzzle in Vegas might never be completely solved primarily because some elements of law enforcement and virtually all mass media have colluded in this staged attack drama. One possibility that cannot be denied is that it was all done by an Israeli hit squad, which was the case with 9/11 (the 37 guys that Chertov let fly back to Israel).
The government’s insistence on sticking to the one-shooter theory reminds me of that Connecticut state police lieutenant who at the outset of the Sandy Hook “investigation” threatened everyone who challenged the official version of events with prosecution and jail time. If there is any clearer admission of fraud than that one, I have not heard it.
I guess the powers that be have concluded that since they have hornswoggled the American people so many times for so many years that they now get away with any kind of lie, no matter how absurd. Our recent history obviously verifies all of this. They almost don’t care if anomalies are discovered among their phony excuses, because their control of mass media easily blots out all legitimate questions with endless white noise.
And as with all the false flag atrocities that have erupted around the world in recent years, the one version we can absolutely never trust is government’s version. 
In almost all cases, this is a matter of Jewish-owned countries slandering independent nations who refuse to knuckle under to the onerous policies of the Jewish-owned World Bank, which guarantee bankruptcy and decay to all who succumb to this twisted Hebrew extortion scheme.
But in the case of the Las Vegas shootings we appear to have a domestic political dispute — the legitimacy of Donald Trump — figuring into the reasons behind this awful pageant of mass murder.
Americans are reluctant to admit that the most consistent behavior of the USA over time has been making war upon everyone it encounters. It should have come as no surprise to anyone that it would eventually make war on its own citizens.
Embarrassed about my country
It bothers me greatly that my country is doing evil in the world and trying to disguise it as good. In fact, I fear for my life when about the government, given how many people are suicided after writing stories that the powers that be don't want written.
It irritates the hell out of me that America made more than 500 treaties with the native Americans and never lived up to the terms of any of them.
And it riles me that under its present governmental structure (if you want to call it that), America will not under any circumstances keep any promise to anyone it will make in the future. Even the Iran nuke deal is about to be scrapped so the USA can make more war on behalf of Israel.
No promise has ever been kept. No promise ever will be kept. America has no future as long as the people running it keep running it into the ground as they betray their fellow Americans for preposterously large sums of money.
When you defend this country, you’re defending a bunch of psychopathological mass murderers. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were total frauds. They were about oil and heroin and military control of Central Asia. As our hypochondriacal media twisted the facts to cover up our crimes; America ascended to world dominance on the basis of its false flag maneuvers. 
The most famous was the first that triggered the theft of Spain’s possessions in the Caribbean and the Pacific at the beginning of the 20th century when the Battleship Maine blew up in Havana harbor and media magnate William Randolph Hearst barked the order that even then was the Deep State speaking: “You furnish the photos and I’ll furnish the war.”
World War I started with the deliberate provocation of the secret ammunition stash on the Lusitania and World War II began when FDR’s oil embargo on Japan forced it to bomb Pearl Harbor, killing 2,300 Americans.
The insane cycle came full circle on 9/11/2001 when America attacked itself to provide a false justification for it to make war on the world.
The atrocity in Las Vegas was just the latest example of this sick phenomenon.
The pro-government, non-truthful news media try to keep from choking on their own lies as fact after fact oozes out like pus that the FBI and other government intelligence agencies fabricated the whole event for the ostensible purpose of aiding the Communist push for gun confiscation.
(Note for future reference: Communism and Judaism are one and the same.)
Guns are the one indispensable commodity that keep America (relatively) free. Once guns are taken from the hands of private citizens, the door to the prison will close and never open again.
Polluted garden
America is like a rotting grapefruit, moldering in a garden that has been poisoned by its so-called owners, the people who were charged with its care.
So it’s no surprise, I guess, that so many important stories in the newspapers are based on lies. As a result, because we base our lives on the information we receive, we go off half-cocked, killing people around the world because of lies concocted by powerful people who want to make money.
Not being told the truth by the people we elected to protect us from bad guys means that it turns out the the people we elected ARE the bad guys.
What they promise is never what they deliver. They commit crimes against us to prove they are needed to protect us from terrorists, when in fact they ARE the terrorists.
As with 9/11, Sandy Hook, and numerous other questionable public demonstrations of madness, the story we heard from a kept press was not precisely what happened. Multiplied by a million times and we have the history of the world.
Recent events in Las Vegas are only more of the same, one powerful group trying to defame another in order for the warmaking, moneymaking schemes to continue pouring trillions of dollars into weaponry without so much as a farthing for the millions of human beings on this planet who die from starvation and malnutrition every single day.
The smell of a rotting America can be experienced each time you hear of a health-conscious doctor being inexplicably murdered for venturing too close to a cure for cancer.
And you only need to get a small whiff of the idea the planet’s richest aristocrats while away their time dining on young children, before you realize we’re not going to solve these problems by conventional means.
Consistently phony newscasts 
The level of evil manifested by the United States is best illustrated by the series of staged beheadings that seized the world’s headlines in 2010. <>
And let's think a bit further on that 2013 incident. A short time after Obama issued his famous "red line" against Assad using gas on his own people -- we are asked to believe that Assad did just that! Assad did the one thing that would guarantee that the infinitely more powerful USA would attack him and overthrow him? Obama appeared to be going to war then until Putin and General Dempsey of the Joint Chiefs of Staff intervened, as reported in the Washington Post at that time.
And don't forget that the the Pulitzer prize winning journalist, Seymour Hersh, did an exhaustive investigative report on the 2013 sarin gas incident, and concluded that Assad did not do it, but that the nerve gas attack was perpetrated by the rebels trying to overthrow Assad. Hersh's analysis remains unaddressed and not refuted to this day.
Pravda agreed. 
The United States needs to stop the killing.  There has been too much. Gone are the days under Kennedy and Reagan when other countries were glad to see the US coming.  Americans are under a form of politically correct mind control that has allowed a corporate cabal and their intelligence agencies to grasp control of the levers of power in the USA, from media to money to military. This greed and need to control other countries by the USA's military might is beyond heinous: our military budget and buildup, our current military regime, our penchant for warring thwart peace at every turn. <>
For pure savagery, however, nothing could top the gassing of Syrian children for pure savagery. America’s Jewish media and they’re bought-and-paid-for sycophants in Congress all roundly booed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for his colossal cruelty. It turns out the deed was done — twice — by hired Jihadis from various countries, hired by Americans doing work for the Israelis. This is of course America’s main foreign policy today).
The U.S. government and American taxpayers paid for the murder by chemical poisoning of Syrian children in staged events that were later blamed on Assad, thanks to “evidence” published in Jewish media.
We have Russia completely surrounded militarily, and yet Jewish media in America continue to prattle on about what a danger Russia is to the world, trying their damnedest to foment war. It’s the United States, the braindead Jewish robot, that is the real danger to the world.
The greatest enemy of the American people is its own government (as I have written before). This real fact bodes poorly for the future of humanity, as it indicates that all people, both as individuals and in groups, are irredeemably corrupt. 
If everyone has their price, then our species is worth nothing.
An impossible opponent
The real problem for the Jews is that you can’t argue with them. They are immune to logic, which makes their future very problematical when everybody finds out what they have done to sabotage the health and happiness of everything that lives.
Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild dynasty that now controls the world, once said, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.” The first corollary of this principle, call it “Rothschild’s law”, is that when the force that controls all the money eventually takes control of all the world’s media, that incomparable power soon controls the way the entire world thinks.
Naturally, those people who get others to do their work for them get a little smug at the millions of people they control. They could care less what happens to you and me.
Citizens of all countries have been betrayed by their own leaders who have been compromised by Jewish control of their own banking systems.
The world desperately needs a law making it illegal to make money off the movement of money.
Any country that lies to its own citizens deserves to die. People who live in countries like this are very far from being free.
All of the military engagements undertaken by the United States throughout the 20th century and into the 21st were triggered by using the time-honored tradition of a false flag atrocity to ignite hostilities.
Most Americans don’t realize they have been robbed of their valuables, even of their very existence.
The U.S. is not an independent country. It is a hitman for Israel. And so are Britain, France and all the other NATO stooges, all of them proxies for the Jewish warmongers ensconced in the City of London from where they prey on the entire world.
Look at what they did to Libya, where a selfless leader created a worker’s paradise with unbelievable generosity that was the envy of the world. A U.S. president (Obama) and his insane Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) managed to destroy that country utterly, and watched with glee as the leader who was beloved by his people was raped and murdered in the streets of his own hometown, while America’s leaders laughed.
This is who Americans have become — vicious and thoughtless psychopathic killers. Very, very few Americans objected to this profound crime, which was covered up by the American press and passed off as a legitimate military operation. Today we see the long term implications of such a psychotic operation as crazed Africans and rape-mad Muslims overrun Europe, courtesy of Obama, the Clintons, and their Jewish puppetmasters.
Dead? Or painted?
How many of those lying on the ground in Las Vegas were crisis actors covered with red paint? Why did no one at the hospital see any blood?
Any country that lies to its own citizens deserves to die. This applies to almost every nation in the world that has given up its resources for the quick cash fix and resulting corruption provided by the Jewish world bank. All those countries — and all those people — who are not on board with this Jewish program are scheduled to be destroyed.
This is exactly what the Talmud tells its followers to do.
The world has a Jewish problem. We need to fix it before it fixes us.

America was attacked twice last week, once by an Israeli hit squad and a squadron of crisis actors, and once by the geoengineered effects of excess voltage manifesting as lightning with no clouds seen by many just before the fires started in Sonoma County. Or as Jim Stone wrote;
People are reporting that their electronics malfunctioned before the fires hit, with the most pronounced and spoken about malfunction being at a hotel, where ALL of the electrical systems in the hotel malfunctioned, including the electronic access doors, forcing people to jump from windows (because they could not leave their rooms) to escape an approaching fire that instantly appeared out of nowhere in perfect weather.

No sense of tomorrow except more disasters

The term wetiko is a term used by indigenous, native-american, Cree indians (windigo in Ojibway, wintiko in Powhatan) which refers to a “spirit who terrorizes other creatures.” The wetiko parasites feed on and harvest the emotions of fear and terror. 
Wetiko works its covert operations through our unconscious blind spots, hidden within our own minds, hidden by our own unawareness of its ability to deceive us, camouflaged by fooling us into not even looking for it.
Wetiko can be likened to a virus of the mind, an “anti-information” virus–not only does it block the reception of information, but it substitutes false information for the real thing. It can mimic and infect our memories so convincingly that “its” inserted false perceptions and memories become our perceptions and memories.
The Wetiko mind-virus, like a parasite, attempts to take over and control its host, steadily compromising the host’s defenses and disabling the host’s ability to detect its presence. Its strategy is to gain the host’s willing cooperation (to be deceived, controlled and exploited), without waking up the host; without activating the host’s discernment about what is being done.
See also The Black Iron Prison and Wetiko
in which Paul Levy writes:
Wetiko, or Black Iron Prison, can be likened to an “anti-information” virus — not only does it block the reception of information, but it substitutes false information for the real thing.
Philip K. Dick writes: “ . . . the bombardment of pseudo-realities begins to produce inauthentic humans very quickly (in his words ‘spurious humans’).”

NTS Notes:  I sadly have to agree with John... This Las Vegas mass killing event should have had every American rioting in the streets and marching on Washington demanding that the real perpetrators for that crime be sought out and hung from lamp posts... But again the US Government is doing nothing about this obvious false flag attack, and I can guarantee had many of their own criminal agents in both the FBI and CIA partake in the shootings!

Again, I grew up in my early years, even as a Canadian, so heavily brainwashed by all the publications in our failed education system ramming into my brain the ideas about how "great" America was... But I am fooled no more and neither should anyone else... The US is in fact the second most evil nation on planet Earth (The psychotic state of Israel being #1 of course...) and rightfully deserves to die for its long list of crimes against other nations and against humanity as a whole....  The sooner it happens the better it will be for the whole world.....

More to come